Speaking Bodies

  • Summer 1994

    Summer 1994 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    Our Lady

    By Carl Phillips

    In the final hour, our lady—Of the electric rosary, Of the highway, by then Of the snows mostly—was the man he’d always been really, though, yes, we’d sometimes forgotten. Still, […]

  • Winter 1993

    Winter 1993 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    Central Standard Time

    By Kevin Young

    Down below, everywhere, allthe black skycaps have disappearedsince last time, last time being always,or at least your childhood of air. Gonelike that. At the curb, a mother overtips the new […]

  • Fall 1992

    Fall 1992 Cover
    December 16, 2022


    By Reginald Shepherd

    These are the years of the empty hands. And what were those just past, swift with the flash of alloyed hulls but carrying no cargo? Outside our lives, my mythical […]

  • Spring 1991

    Spring 1991 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    History Lessons

    By Yusef Komunyakaa

    1 Squinting up at leafy sunlight, I stepped back & shaded my eyes, but couldn’t see what she pointed to. The courthouse lawn where the lone poplar stood Was almost […]

  • Fall 1989

    Fall 1989 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    Agnus Dei

    By Philip Levine

    My little sister created the Lamb of God. She made him out of used-up dust mops and coat hangers. She left him whitewashed at the entrance to the Calvin Coolidge […]

  • Summer 1984

    Summer 1984 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    Lulu’s Boys

    By Louise Erdrich

    On the last day that Lulu Lamartine spent as Henry’s widow, her boys were outside drinking beers and shooting plastic jugs. Her deceased husband’s brother, Beverly, was sitting across from […]

  • Summer 1979

    Summer 1979 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    The Resurrection

    By Gjertrud Schnackenberg

    We’ll start the story right when Jesus C. Gives up, and turns a shade of possum-gray. It’s dark, and there are earthquakes—well, okay, It’s dark, and to complete our misery […]

  • Autumn 1960

    Autumn 1960 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    The Colossus

    By Sylvia Plath

    I shall never get you put together entirely, Pieced, glued, and properly jointed. Mule-bray, pig-grunt and bawdy cackles Proceed from your great lips. It’s worse than a barnyard. Perhaps you […]

  • Summer 1953

    December 16, 2022

    Two Recent Travelers

    By Elizabeth Hardwick

    Ataturk in bumpy stone or marble, a seated pose, bitterly earned pomposity, a sort of athlete-deputy from the East; or reckless on horseback in the new squares, streaky, brigandish, a […]

  • Spring 1946

    Spring 1946 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    My Sisters, O My Sisters

    By May Sarton

                  I      ”Nous qui voulions poser, image ineffaceable      Comme un delta divin notre main sur le sable”                —Anna de Noailles Dorothy Wordsworth, dying, did not want to read, “I am too busy […]

  • Winter 1945

    Winter 1945 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    The Lovers

    By John Berryman

    He used to come to see us one summer when we lived on the Island. As I reached the corner of the house wheeling my bicycle, which I was not […]

  • Spring 1940

    Spring 1940 Cover
    December 16, 2022

    For an Emigrant

    By Randall Jarrell

    I In that bad year and city of your birthThey traded bread for bank-notes weight for weight,And nothing but the statues kept the smileThe waltzers wore once: excluding, innocent,The face […]