April 13, 2019

Review: Rabindranath Tagore, Selected Poems

By Amit Majmudar

Tagore, Rabindranath. Selected Poems. Translated by William Radice. Penguin Modern Classics (India), 208 pages.   Some writers write different things the same way over and over again. All of Emily […]

October 15, 2016

Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize [!/?]

By Amit Majmudar

  Learning of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature this week, I found myself observing, as if from a great distance, the point that the Committee was making (oral and […]

October 29, 2013

The Twenty-Year Rule

By Amit Majmudar

  Just as there is a sharp division between a 19th century Yeats (the “Celtic Twilight” material) and a deliberately developed, 20th century Yeats (the “Byzantine” Yeats of the more […]

August 13, 2013

Tangent on a Line by John Burgon

By Amit Majmudar

  Consider the one-hit-wonder nature of some lines, poems, and poets. Like the famous description of “A rose-red city half as old as time,” which comes from the now-forgotten sonnet […]