February 5, 2016

The Sultan of Nonsense

By Cody Walker

Last week, on this blog, I asked a question that I didn’t try to answer: “Where is the great nonsense of our time?” Might it be found in the lines […]

December 31, 2015

Old Year/New Year: Poems

By Dora Malech

Woody Guthrie: “Woody Guthrie’s 1943 “New Years Rulin’s.” Found in one of his journals dated January 1st, 1943.” — woodieguthrie.org * Naomi Shihab Nye: Burning the Old Year Letters swallow […]

November 30, 2015

Thanks and Thanksgiving and Thank you

By Dora Malech

Thanksgiving was last Thursday, and giving thanks always makes me think of W. S. Merwin’s “Thanks”: Listen with the night falling we are saying thank you we are stopping on […]

January 19, 2014

Anne Sexton and Poetic Atavism

By Amit Majmudar

  Rereading the Collected Poems of Anne Sexton, she seems to me to have become, over her career, the least “Confessional” of the poets given that label. Apparently she suffered […]

June 28, 2013

What Makes Contemporary American Poetry So Good

By Amit Majmudar

One of the most wonderful things about being a writer in contemporary America—besides the unprecendented ease of access to books—is our multiplicity of traditions. In the past, in smaller, more homogenous […]

March 21, 2012

Craft Note: The Elegy (part one)

By Jake Adam York

[Blogger’s note: This post is part of a series of craft notes that look forward to the work Tarfia Faizullah and I will be doing at the Kenyon Review Writers […]