December 13, 2018

On Eckes, Harvey and Myles

By Jeff Alessandrelli

It sounds like a middling 70’s folk rock act, right? Maybe in some alternate universe it is a middling 70’s folk rock act, but in my own universe it’s been […]

March 9, 2016

Poetry and Community: Events and Evidence

By Dora Malech

When we consider what enables a poem to endure, it’s easy to side with immediate fatalism and shoulder-shrugging, or opt for broad-brushed faith in long-term aesthetic exceptionalism and artistic meritocracy, without really considering the everyday […]

February 2, 2016

“And since I’m the one writing it . . .”

By Dora Malech

After Saturday’s orientation, Monday evening was the first official joint meeting of Writers in Baltimore Schools high school students and Johns Hopkins University undergrads collaborating on the  Community-Based Learning course “Poetry & […]

September 2, 2015

The Daniel Swiftboating of Helen Vendler

By Derek Mong

The knives are out again for Helen Vendler. In a recent review for The Spectator, Daniel Swift accuses the poetry critic of performing a bloodless “scientific evaluation of literature.” Her […]

December 9, 2012

Short Takes: By the Letter, By the Draft

By Andrew David King

August Wilson: “Blues is the bedrock of everything I do. All the characters in my plays, their ideas and their attitudes, the stance that they adopt in the world, are […]