September 29, 2018

New Origins

By Dora Malech

Poetry may often come to us in small packages and brief passages, but poetry is rooted in our big human questions: who are we? how (and why) did we get […]

August 24, 2016

Poetry and Origin

By Dora Malech

Through the lens of Khaled Mattawa’s “History of My Face” and through the lens of Camille Rankine’s “Genealogy,” I’ve been thinking about poems as explorations of origins. When we think of “origin […]

July 1, 2016

First Person Plural: Part V (Genealogy)

By Dora Malech

Over the course of multiple posts, I’ve focused on poems that explore the first person plural – “we.” Most recently, I looked at Camille Rankine’s poem “Genealogy,” a poem that, though […]