August 4, 2012

Notes on a gray area and a gripe

By Andrew David King

For a moment, the elliptical, discursive, and indirect debate about the state of American poetry took on a sheen at once confrontational and warm: Matvei Yankelevich, a poet, critic, and […]

May 17, 2012

Mix Tape: Reinvention

By Maggie Smith

Is the “well-crafted” poem of today formulaic? According to Marjorie Perloff, yes. “The poems you will read in American Poetry Review or similar publications will, with rare exceptions, exhibit the […]

May 2, 2012

On Conceptual Poetry

By Amit Majmudar

  No Conceptualist Poet has yet come up with a concept as mind-bogglingly difficult as mine: Create a poetry that exploits existing grammatical and syntactical paradigms (sometimes as deceptively simple […]

April 16, 2010

Make It New?

By Tamiko Beyer

Preeminent poetry critic Marjorie Perloff came to campus this week. The lecture I attended, “Unoriginal Genius: Poetry by Other Means in the New Century,” argued towards the idea of “genius” […]