September 7, 2011

On September 11 in The Kenyon Review

By Daniel Torday

The morning the planes flew into the towers, the US president was reading “The Pet Goat” to a group of second-graders at the Booker Elementary in Sarasota, Florida. This year’s […]

December 13, 2010

Thanks, 2010.

By Elizabeth Ames Staudt

In the winter, I light more candles, drink more coffee, and read more lists. I love year-end lists, even that frantic feeling they impart: that I should have read more, […]

September 13, 2010

Dog-eared De-dreamification

By Elizabeth Ames Staudt

As I’m writing this, my partner is reading in a chair nearby and underlining with such ferocity that it sounds more like he’s coloring entire pages black rather than marking […]