March 25, 2019


By Amit Majmudar

Amman, Mir. A Tale of Four Dervishes. Translated from the Urdu with an Introduction by Mohammed Zakir. Penguin Classics (India), 1994. 158 pages.   Continuing my exploration of Penguin India’s […]

November 4, 2015

The Principle of Inversion

By Amit Majmudar

If you look from a distance at our media talking about traditional religions, you find that “Hinduism” is reduced to the caste system and Hindu nationalism, “Islam” to fundamentalist or […]

October 29, 2015

Hard and Brittle Religions

By Amit Majmudar

  Why do some religions die out, while others persist in the face of brutal persecution? Religious diversity, while not completely analogous to biological diversity, has drastically diminished over the […]

July 12, 2014

Twin Towers of the Intellect

By Amit Majmudar

Both the theologian, advancing abstract definitions of Deity as the Ground of Being, transcendent of language and intellection, the impersonal prime mover, hardly so limited and vengeful and silly as […]

December 11, 2013

Believe What You Wish

By Amit Majmudar

The Buddha’s hard-to-disagree-with central insight—that desire is at the source of human suffering, and human action in general—has ready examples in our loves, lusts, and ambitions; it seems to have […]

November 29, 2013

About the “Singularity”

By Amit Majmudar

To decide whether Kurzweil’s idea of the Singularity is “true” or an “accurate” depiction of our future is to mistake the nature of prophecy. Imagine someone in 1914 predicting the […]

October 19, 2013

Why I am Inherently Evil

By Amit Majmudar

  The idea of karma—the moral effect of your actions, good or bad, following you across births—suggests that even a newborn has some inherent guilt. In this Eastern model of […]

May 11, 2013


By Amit Majmudar

  There is very little (if any) variability in the brains of human beings regarding cortical localization. That is, the motor cortex responsible for, say, left arm movement, is reliably […]

February 10, 2013

“Western” and “Modern”

By Amit Majmudar

  It is interesting to note that among Indian Hindus, the words “Western” and “modern” are well-nigh interchangeable in usage. That is, a “modern” way of dressing, loving and marrying, […]

August 27, 2012

The Two Gandhis

By Amit Majmudar

Takes on Mahatma Gandhi tend to focus either on the Mahatma or on the Gandhi: That is, they either consider him a holy man whose politics emerged from an inner “truth” […]