January 11, 2019

On the Three-Act Structure

By Aatif Rashid

One of the central lessons I learned back when I was still attempting to become a screenwriter as well as a fiction writer (something I’ve discussed on this blog a […]

August 14, 2017

My Conservative Past

By Jerry Harp

Maybe I was reading too much T. S. Eliot. Maybe it was the gnawing sense of living in a world out of control—but when has the world ever been in […]

July 26, 2016

Going Corporate: Writing After the Job Offer

By Laura Maylene Walter

Earlier this week, I visited my friend Liz Breazeale in Kansas City, where she recently moved after accepting a corporate technical writer position. In her new apartment, above her writing […]

July 22, 2012

The neo-canonicity of F. R. Leavis

By Andrew David King

My first ingestion of F. R. Leavis’s 1953 essay “The ‘Great Books’ and a Liberal Education” resulted in the British critic’s own volume being thrown across the room. What was […]