December 16, 2014

Patterns of Poetic Revolution

By Amit Majmudar

  One of the most famous lines in English poetry about poetry is Moore’s “I, too, dislike it.” The interesting thing is just how much the best poets, historically, have […]

February 8, 2014

An Alternate Second Half of the Aeneid

By Amit Majmudar

A story about Virgil on his deathbed, possibly apocryphal, tells how he ordered his literary executors to destroy the Aeneid because it was imperfect; that he preferred that the poem […]

December 28, 2013

Epic Fail

By Amit Majmudar

The most inflated reputation in literary history came about as the result of genuine literary merit crossed with a transnational empire and language. Many people would assume I speak of […]

October 15, 2012

Albert Speer and the Berghof Omen

By Amit Majmudar

In Albert Speer’s Inside the Third Reich, in a chapter detailing the autumn of 1939 as Hitler prepared to invade Poland, we find the following passage. In the course of […]