December 9, 2019KR Podcast

KR Podcast with Stewart O’Nan

KR’s own Katharine Weber reflects with novelist Stewart O’Nan about his earlier work, co-writing a novel with Stephen King, and how other writers’ books inform the writing of one’s own.

Stewart O’Nan’s latest novel Henry, Himself, is the prequel to his beloved novel Emily, Alone. Stewart is the author of sixteen previous novels, including City of Secrets; West of Sunset; The Odds; Songs for the Missing; Wish You Were Here; A Prayer for the Dying; and Snow Angels. His novel Last Night at the Lobster was a national bestseller and a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. He was born, raised, and lives in Pittsburgh.

Katharine Weber is a widely published novelist and autobiographer. She is an editor at large for Kenyon Review and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of American Imago. She has served on the board of the National Book Critics Circle and is an associate fellow of Hopper College at Yale University. Her latest book is Still Life With Monkey (Paul Dry Books, 2018).

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