September 28, 2017KR Podcast

KR Podcast with Nick White

In this episode, novelist Nick White talks with associate editor Kirsten Reach about Possum Neck, snow cones, “Friday the 13th,” queer readings of slasher flicks, and why writing is “a constant act of lying to yourself.”

Nick White is the author of How To Survive A Summer (Blue Rider Press, 2017). He is an Assistant Professor of English at Ohio State University. A native of Mississippi, he earned a PhD in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His short stories have been published in a variety of places, including the Kenyon Review, Guernica, Indiana Review, Day One, Hopkins Review, and elsewhere.

Kirsten Reach is an associate editor at the Kenyon Review. Previously she has worked as an editor at Melville House, Grand Central Publishing, and Henry Holt and Company.

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