January 5, 2017KR Podcast

KR Podcast with Josh Bell

In this episode, Editor at Large Natalie Shapero talks with poet Josh Bell about rock star energy, being anxious in New York, and the difficulty of publicizing your book when you’re an introvert. Also, Josh tells Natalie that one of her que​stions is terrible. Listen to it!

Josh Bell has taught in the MFA program at Columbia University and is currently Briggs Copeland Lecturer on English at Harvard University. He was Paul Engle post-graduate fellow at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop (MFA, 1999) and University Distinguished Graduate Fellow at the University of Cincinnati (PhD, 2013). He is the author of the collections No Planets Strike and Alamo Theory (Copper Canyon Press, 2016), and has recently published work in Boston Review, New Republic, and New Yorker.

Natalie Shapero is the Professor of the Practice of Poetry at Tufts University and an editor at large of the Kenyon Review. Her first poetry collection, No Object, was published by Saturnalia Books in 2013, and her second collection is forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press. Natalie’s writing has appeared in Nation, New Republic, New Yorker, Poetry, Progressive, and elsewhere.

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