September 3, 2018KR Podcast

KR Podcast with A.J. Verdelle

Yohanca Delgado, a Peter Taylor Fellow during the 2018 Writers Workshops, talks to novelist and workshop instructor A.J. Verdelle about facts, musical prose, and the ways in which the revision process is like getting dressed.

A.J. Verdelle is a novelist, essayist, working mother, and veteran creative writing instructor. Verdelle has taught at Princeton University, the University of Kentucky, the University of Vermont, the summer program at the University of Iowa, and currently is Assistant Professor in English & Creative Writing at Morgan State University. Verdelle has judged national contests including the PEN/Faulkner Award, the Hurston Wright Legacy Awards, and the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society Awards. Verdelle won five national prizes for her novel, The Good Negress (Algonquin Books, 1995), and her forthcoming novel is under contract at Random House.

Yohanca Delgado is a third-year MFA candidate at American University, where she teaches undergraduate writing. She is a literary nonfiction reader for Folio Magazine and an assistant fiction editor at Barrelhouse Magazine. She is a graduate of Kenyon College, and Gambier is one of her favorite places in the world.

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