July/Aug 2022 • Vol. XLIV No. 4 Why We Chose ItJuly 11, 2022 |

Why We Chose It: Angry Mamas

It is a universally respected truth that a mama bear may rip you apart if you step between her and her cubs. This folio takes the climate crisis as its theme, filtered through the lens of motherhood. Anger unifies and underscores these diverse offerings by writers from nations around the world, including Afghanistan, the Dominican Republic, Pakistan, and the United States. The reason for the anger in these pages is obvious. Between us and our cubs is climate change. Not just between us but all around us, and in us too. The climate crisis poses clear and present danger to our children’s health and future prospects, no matter where we live. Our children, whom we are hardwired by biology and conditioned by cultural norms to love and protect, are suffering and will suffer. From air pollution. From hunger. From displacement. From despoilment. From fires. From smoke. From storms. From war. I am struck, reading these works as a whole, by the many gradations, forms, and consequences of m

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Photo of Emily Raboteau

Emily Raboteau is the author of The Professor’s Daughter (Holt, 2005) and Searching for Zion (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2013), winner of an American Book Award. She is a contributing editor at Orion, a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books, and a professor of creative writing at CUNY. Since the publication of the 2018 IPCC report, she’s been writing about the climate crisis. Her next book, Caution, is forthcoming from Holt.

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