Jan/Feb 2019 • Vol. XLI No. 1 |

Spiritual Introduction to the Neighborhood

2018 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest Runner-up Claw Street One once witnessed, in the quick dark of an autumn night, two youths coming down Claw on skateboards, holding hockey sticks against the asphalt, producing startling orange sparks. Idling at the stop sign, one watched and worried as the pair tore downhill at speeds in the neighborhood of twenty miles per hour. The skaters reached the intersection, veering to flank one’s Honda. Somewhere, barking dogs hushed. Sometimes, one must close one’s eyes and let the world pass by is the advice here, though this (one swears) is not that type of literature. The youths, thank heaven, simply kept cruising. From the rearview mirror, their sparks resembled long, ignited leads running to a single pile of dynamite in the distance. That, or stars fallen into town. Prushing Street Here, in this divot on the Minnesota River Valley, resides a gray squirrel with half a tail who thinks it’s whole. Sipping morning tea, one might witnes

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Tyler Barton
Tyler Barton is a cofounder of Fear No Lit and the author of the chapbook Get Empty, which won the 2017 Split Lip Press Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest. His work can be found in the Iowa Review, Gulf Coast, Yemassee, and elsewhere. Find him online at @goftyler, or tsbarton.com.

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