Summer 2023 • Vol. XLV No. 1 FictionJune 13, 2023 |

The Good Sport

The Kenyon Review · The Good Sport In any social group of women, there is often one member whom the others dislike, not because she has done anything wrong or caused offense but simply for her inability to camouflage her weakness. If she is lonely and makes her loneliness known, that will be a mark against her; if she is afraid of rejection and does not hide it, then that fear will be fortified by experience, for she will be rejected again and again. Her friends may speak reassuring words to her for a time. But then, after a while, one of the friends says something to another: Have you noticed that she always — ? It seems to me that she —  I don’t understand why she doesn’t —  and then it’s all over for her.  When I meet these women, I often wish I could sit them down and explain the truth of things to them, somehow stop them from making the same mistakes with new people. But the trouble, usually, is that they already know — and this know

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Cecily Carver was born in the small mountain town of Rossland, British Columbia. Her theater writing has appeared most recently in VAN magazine. She is a founding member of Against the Grain Theatre, an award-winning experimental opera company based in Toronto. She writes essays on books, culture, and music for her newsletter, The Amateur, and is also working on a novel. Carver lives in Seattle.

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