Sep/Oct 2017 • Vol. XXXIX No. 5 The Hybrid Lyric |


All he could think about was bailing, one bucket after the other, as if the house he'd lived in all his life was a boat out on the open sea. The front door was sandbagged, inside and out, but the waves kept rolling across the yard, already as high as the seat on the swing set he used to play on as a kid, and there was no stopping them. The ridiculous thing was, where was he supposed to put the water? He just opened the window and flung it out, but since the whole yard was the lagoon now it would have taken the sorcerer s apprentice—or no, the sorcerer himself—to put an end to it. Every bucket he tossed was one more bucket leaking in around the door frame. His father had the mop, really going crazy with it, and his sister, Corinne, was bailing too, but they had the same problem he did, just dumping the water out the window as if the window was on top of a mountain somewhere, and the wind blowing half of it back in again anyway. As for his mother, she did what she did anytime they

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Photo of T.C. Boyle
T. C. Boyle is the author of twenty-seven books of fiction, including, After the Plague (2001), Drop City (2003), The Inner Circle (2004), Tooth and Claw (2005), The Human Fly (2005), Talk Talk (2006), The Women (2009), Wild Child (2010), When the Killing’s Done (2011), San Miguel (2012), T. C. Boyle Stories II (2013), The Harder They Come (2015), The Terranauts (2016), as well as The Relive Box and Other Stories, due in October 2019 and featuring two new Kenyon Review stories: "Surtsey" and "The Five-Pound Burrito." Boyle currently lives near Santa Barbara with his wife and three children.

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