Sept/Oct 2021 • Vol. XLIII No. 5 PoetrySeptember 9, 2021 |

“Musical Notes” for a Poem

Translated from Greek by Jennifer R. Kellogg 1 A woman with flashing eyes, smiling, the sash of her dress hanging low, standing amidst the tragic serenity —  2 Let me sing among skeletons and souls whose life force faded, alone on the deserted courtyard wall of a monastery from the time of the Ottoman Empire, while watching motionless bells ripen —  3 I traced a mystic orgy in chalk, it was surrounded by burning bushes that licked the members, shadowy snakes encircled the dark-skinned loins, and in the belly’s lake a red eel swam —  4 Oh friends, how you dance, masked, on a mountaintop stamped by throngs, playing with colorful ribbons, dancing, look, there’s the maypole —  5 And the sun punctures the greenery, casts golden doubloons on the ground a response to our self-offering —  6 Τhe wizened faces of old men fall into open graves like masks —  7 Love, man’s serene home. Mengzi, seventeen. 8 The eagle bit a nipple and the

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