Sept/Oct 2021 • Vol. XLIII No. 5 PoetrySeptember 9, 2021 |

Mind the Gaps

Mind the gap, nagged the Station, every 45 seconds. Such a tiny gap: an inch or two between train’s wobble and platform shake, hardly worth giving so much mind. • • They call the asteroid Chicxulub, naming it for the place it first demolished. Devil’s tail it means, hundred-mile-wide impact crater, ten-mile crush into continental crust. Ejecta, tsunami backwash, shocked quartz, the brunt and burial of it. • • The Truth is a too-close moon. Mind it. Édouard Roche thought Saturn’s rings the remnant of a moon called Veritas that got so near that Saturn’s gravity tore it to shreds. That’s the Roche limit: the closeness beyond which annihilation occurs. When you smash a Veritas you get circumferences of ice that orbit without end the thing that gave them their fracture.

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