Sept/Oct 2020 • Vol. XLII No. 5 All of This Is True |

Golden Corral

Let them come, the seven sisters with their mama and their seven squealing sons, the priest staring enraptured at his plate of crab legs. The black and white folks, with their forkfuls of fragrant bourbon chicken. Most with their teeth still intact, but not this white man the size of a Chevy Silverado missing his front two with his heaping plate of prime rib and a full bowl beside him of mashed potatoes slathered with butter and gravy. Let them come, out of the heart of the republic, from the small towns and tundra, from the wheat-splained-plains and the ramshackle shore, here are our neighbors with their bowls of shrimp grits, here is our cousin eating his steak blood-red rare. Side by side sitting with tables covered with spills and guffaws, with children reaching and slurping through straws. Give me my chocolate fondue. Give me my key lime pie. Every grandma has folded her apron and left it at home. There is nothing here you could not be denied. This is the land of

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Sean Thomas Dougherty is the author or editor of eighteen books, including Not All Saints, winner of the 2019 Bitter Oleander Library of Poetry Prize. His book The Second O of Sorrow (BOA Editions, 2018) received both the Paterson Poetry Prize and the Housatonic Book Award from Western Connecticut State University. More info on Sean can be found at

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