Sep 1967 • Vol. XXIX No. 4 Department KR: A Section of Briefer CommentSeptember 1, 1967 |


To Justine and Balthazzar and Larry Durrell and Hank Miller and all the gang at Grove Press without whom this could never have been written. I am accustoming myself to the idea of regarding every sexual act as a process in which thirty-seven and one-third persons are involved. We shall have a lot more to discuss about that.--Louisa May Alcott Under the ghastly festering eye of the jaundiced moon, under the livid crocodile cloud, through the suffocating mackerel, licorice, and Listerine miasma of the appalling evening, Mississippi, her half-naked, love-bitten thighs white as Syrian cigarette paper and sprinkled with confectionary sugar, lolls languidly in the rotting convertible seat beside me waxing the mustache of Filaria--her favorite seal--and chanting an ancient Coptic lullaby. Listening to her fierce proud bass voice and gazing at her huge ripe rotting melon of a lovingly bruised body, I am filled with lust and rage and despair and acidosis. (Are these separate, passi

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