Fall 1966 • Vol. XXVIII No. 4 Book Reviews |

The Agrarians Again

Tillers Of A Myth by Alexander Karanikas. University of Wisconsin Press, $6.50. Mr. Karanikas covers much of the same ground and comes to many of the same conclusions that John L. Stewart did in his own recent study of the Fugitives and the Agrarians, The Burden of Time. The subtitle of the present book, Southern Agrarians as Social and Literary Critics, misleads the prospective reader into anticipating a more serious literary concern than can actually be found. Although he himself is said to be a poet, Karanikas deals almost exclusively with polemical writings and ignores the fact that John Crowe Ransom, Donald Davidson, Allen Tate, and Robert Penn Warren were, even in their Agrarian phase, essentially literary men whose most political essays were thematically if not stylistically continuous with their poetry. Tate's biography of Stonewall Jackson is, as Donald Davidson pointed out in a review, a version of the values somewhat differently dramatized in the "Ode to the Confederat

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