Fall 2023 • Vol. XLV No. 4 2023 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers |

Paradigm Shift

this is my coffee-cup shame, annie to match my sister’s hallie, not my fucking name. this is my lake union heartbeat, coal line veins, it’s my postmodern punk paradigm shift, reciting patti smith on my tasbih, subanallah subanallah subanallah. inshallah, it’s my brown-girl-breakdown moment. this is you and i, never hand-in-hand but hands in hands, grasping and holding. this is the line down the side of my finger, separating fate and knowledge. this is my decolonial, instantaneous rate of change, no longer mad at my mother, no longer in love with the world, no longer crying during history class, no longer ashamed of allah era. this is me transcending. because i’m never gonna get my urdu unearthing, my south-asian excavation is buried 6,996 miles below my skin. this is my throw-up-on-madison, say qul at the grocery outlet, 7UP mosque. this is my “i will not melt,” this is my i stop the world and melt with you. this is my queer academic, my muslim pseud

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Photo of Aamina Mughal

Aamina Mughal is a high school student, writer, and bookseller from Seattle. She is a member of the 2022–23 TeenTix editorial staff for the TeenTix art blog and a 2022–23 Seattle Youth Poetry Fellow. Her arts writing can be found on the TeenTix blog and Encore Spotlight, and her poetry can be read in Blue Marble Review. She is a lover of Seattle and Taylor Swift.

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