Jan/Feb 2019 • Vol. XLI No. 1 |

Out Loud: Audio Selections from the Kenyon Review

Click on any of the links below to download or stream audio versions of work from the issue, or subscribe to our iTunes podcast feed to receive regular audio updates from KR. 2018 SHORT FICTION CONTEST WINNER “Dientes for Dentures” by Laura Roque 2018 SHORT FICTION CONTEST RUNNER-UP ”Spiritual Introduction to the Neighborhood" by Tyler Barton 2018 SHORT FICTION CONTEST RUNNER-UP “Breaking” by Christopher Fox FICTION "Experts on Pain" by Hanna Halperin Goldstein FICTION “Superheroes” by Gabriela Alemán (Translated by Dick Cluster, read by Dani Martinez) FICTION "Coffins for Kids!" by Wendy Rawlings (Read by Allison Hetzel) NONFICTION "Governing Bodies" by Sangamithra Iyer POETRY Four Poems by Elizabeth Bradfield POETRY “Egrets, Regrets” by Brian Cochran POETRY "Collaborators" by Keetje Kuipers POETRY Two Poems by Phillip Metres POETRY Two Poems by Rajiv Mohabir POETRY “National Anthems In A Nuclear Era” by Brian Tierney

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