Fall 1993 • Vol. XV No. 4 Science, Science Fiction and PoetryOctober 1, 1993 |

True North/4: Strategem-Strategem

You can measure more easily when the shadow length changes more rapidly: morning, afternoon. Take a rope. Tying yourself to your fixed stick—don't bend it—and pulling the rope taut, walk a circle: you are the point, now, of your own compass. Once each morning, once each afternoon, the tip of the stick's shadow will touch on your circle and where it does must become for you new centers: staking these—new stakes, old rope—inscribe arcs in the sand, walking them off, first one, then the other. The arc of the morning and the arc of the afternoon will cross. Between your stick and this crossing point lies the line leading North: about Noon, the seemingly moving Sun will draw it— with a shadow mark.

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