Fall 1993 • Vol. XV No. 4 Science, Science Fiction and Poetry |

True North/3: It’s Hard

The noontime shadow changes length very slowly. The noontime shadow is only one length: its length at noon. The noontime shadow—my clock is usually off anyway; it's hard. It mean it's difficult what with the little ridges in the dust, the cellophane-silvery glare on the sand, trying to track it over those few moments. It was getting shorter: that much was clear, that part was easy, and then it dawns on you, or dusks, getting longer again . . . yes indubitably . . . but that zone, that zero, that anxiety of getting it just, so, at its very consensual shortest: things are changing now, here, so minutely, with such delicacy—North, and noon, and this sort of wonderful vertical stick.

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