Fall 1992 • Vol. XIV No. 4 Poetry |


Of course we're still using the old stationery—who can find paper these days?-but as you see, the lettering outside has already been changed, and to all intents and purposes this is now the Galerie Millon (I was Mathilde Millon before the late M. Bernheim married me). And I believe the Reichsmarschall will find that nothing shown him is on the list of Proscribed Artists. May I call your attention to these-no, not the very recent things: anything begun since 1942 I find a bit too stiff (no doubt the rigidity of an intimated end), but a choice among the later canvases, my dear Reichsmarschall .  .  . After all, the man is well into his seventies, and we may call anything done in the last decade a late work, wouldn't you say? Though the gallery has represented Bonnard since . . . oh goodness, since before my marriage, these paintings have just reached us. The old fellow keeps them ever so long in his studio, done there at Le Cannet, endlessly reworking what I feel to be the lessons

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