Fall 1991 • Vol. XIII No. 4 PoetryOctober 1, 1991 |

Sittin’-Log Blues

Sittin' on this log, Lord, I woulda swore that girl was true. Sittin' on this log, Lord, is the best that I can do. Log ain't lost no Mary Lou but he sure look low and blue. Log said Why you sittin' here? Ain't you got no job? Log said The way you sittin' here seem like you lost your job. I said If I was Jesse James, wouldn't even have a train to rob. Lord, if I was Jesse James, not a single train to rob. Log said I gotta shake a leg, gotta make some time;been layin' here since Friday and I'm down to my last dime.I said If I had moon and June,I couldn't make 'em rhyme. Lord, if it was ME had moon and June, no way to make 'em rhyme. Log said Sorry to leave you, and the way it was told to me, better not stay here sittin' when the leaves fall off that tree. I said Maybe you right, log, and cold do trouble this knee. Log said When it come to sittin', there ain't nothin' like a chair; but I never was much on sittin' and the ground git wet down there.I said Difference 'tween y

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