Fall 1991 • Vol. XIII No. 4 Poetry |

Reflections on Growing Older

eye sit here, now, inside my fast thickening breaththe whites of my catfish eyes, muddy with drinkmy roped, rasta hair snaking down in twisted salt & pepper vines braided from the march of years, pen & ink lines etchingmy swollen face, the collected weight of years swelling around my middle, the fear of it all overloading circuitshere & now with the weariness of tears, coming on in stormsthe bounce drained out of my once liquid strut a stork-like gimpiness there now, stiff as death my legs climbing steep stairs in protest now, the power goneslack from when eye once helicoptered through cheers, hung around rimsthreaded rainbowing jumpshots, that ripped, popped cords & envious peers gone, now the cockiness of that young, firm fleshperfect as arrogance & the belief that perpetual hard-ons would swell forever here, smoldering fire in a gristle's desire, drooping limp nowlike wet spaghetti, or noodles, the hammer-head that once shot straight in& ramrod hard into t

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