Fall 1964 • Vol. XXVI No. 4 NonfictionOctober 1, 1964 |

About Borges and Not about Borges

This text is based on a series of dialogues with the Argentine poet, critic, and short-story writer Jorge Luis Borges. Dialogues of every kind. Some between the two of us, recorded on tape; some just noted; some that took place in my imagination; and some that are beyond both of us, whose relation to Borges is that they exist because Borges exists, and would not if he did not. A word about method: this essay is not a work of criticism on Borges but rather an image of him that is strictly my own. The method is the only one that I felt I could follow, for there are, to be honest, as many Jorge Luis Borges as there are persons who have been led into his extraordinary and magic art. —K.B. Meeting Borges can be n unusual experience. The first time, I believe, was with the poet Alberto Girri, in the lofty room that serves as an office for Borges in his position as director of the National Library in Buenos Aires. There is a long table in the center of the room and a circular bookshe

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