Autumn 1963 • Vol. XXV No. 4 Book ReviewsOctober 1, 1963 |

What Seems Is

Philip Stratford WHAT SEEMS IS A SENSE OF REALITY by Gra- ham Greene. The Viking Press, $3.50. SINCE EARLY INS 1961 WHEN HE finished A Burnt-Out Case, which758 REVIEWS left him feeling that he had "reached an age when another full- length novel was probably beyond my powers," Graham Greene has been keeping his hand in with short stories. Half a dozen have appeared in periodicals as various as Show, The Spectator, Punch, and Playboy. They are paradoxical situations treated to the Greene grimace with practised cunning, but truly the work of a novelist on holiday: A pampered, perfect, cafe au lait Pekinese called Beauty goes on a midnight rampage rooting offal out of garbage cans; two homosexual interior decorators set their sights on a honeymooning couple and leave the bystanding narrator, a novelist past his prime, holding the bride; a jealous ex-mistress, by a studied note-writing campaign, clev- erly reinsinuates herself in the life of her newly married ex-lover. They are entertain

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