Fall 1959 • Vol. XXI No. 4 Book ReviewsOctober 1, 1959 |

Henderson’s Bellow

Henderson The Rain King by Saul Bellow. Viking. $4.50. The first forty pages of Henderson The Rain King, are packed with enough material for two or three novels, odd, intricate relationships between husbands and wives, fathers and children, landlords and tenants, all suspenseful, and all disposed of with a quick easy brilliance that is the first of this book's surprises. The next three hundred pages leap from this material into territory few novelists in the world are brave or energetic enough to enter. Or rather, to construct; for here lies the bravery: scanting a gift of which he has more than any writer alive, the gift of soaking in and then returning with shine the detail of the world, Bellow propels his book into the jungles of possibility to hack out a country that will both stage his hero's quest and partially slake his appetite, a country constructed for discovery. The way grew more and more stony and this made me suspicious. If we were approaching a town we ought by

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