Autumn 1957 • Vol. XIX No. 4 PoetryOctober 1, 1957 |

Hail and Farewell

566 VERSE David Cornel DeJong HAIL AND FAREWELL When I walked into my hiouse today a memory sat in my corner, its Botticelli eyes cottoning me, its mouth sentimental as berries, and I had no comforting Shakespeare to lay open on my knees for comfort. So far it had been an ordinary day, a fortright day without brandy, yet there it sat holding itself dainty like someone's calculating daughter who knew her father had begotten her in haste and even abandon. I whistled onto it, and I grinned withl faces so many years put aside, but it withheld all its glances like an offended angel-there was nothing left to do but retreat with old guilt and cowardice aplenty. I left my house, feeling against my temples a moon-calf complicity- across my shoulders and down my back. I went to sit for a guilty hour in a tulip-park hearing a santa claus band playing Santa Lucia with whimsies.

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