Fall 1956 • Vol. XVIII No. 4 Fiction |

Margie, This Is Your Father

Margie was a lucky girl because when she was born she had four brothers and four sisters already born before her, and she even had one brother-in-law. She was a beautiful baby and all the brothers and all the sisters, except Liddie who was only one and a half and so too young to be appreciative, and even the brother-in-law-all of them thought that Margie was a beautiful baby. When she was three, Margie screamed and held her breath and one day the lady upstairs had to come down and breathe into her mouth so she wouldn't die. Margie's Mamma and all her brothers and her sisters, except Liddie who didn't know about life and death and the importance of always breathing—all of them were very grateful to the lady upstairs. Margie didn't scream or hold her breath when she was four because when she was four she knew that she was four. Margie knew many people when she was four because in her family there were many people to know—four sisters and four brothers and a brother-in-law

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