Fall 1955 • Vol. XVII No. 4 Nonfiction |

Adams Goes to School

I. The Problem Laid Out Dans certains états dâme presque surnaturels, la profondeur de la vie se révèle tout entière dans le spectacle, si ordinaire qu'il soit, qu'on a sous les yeux. II en devient le symbole.                           --Baudelaire In the year 1858, Henry Adams graduated from Harvard College. In 1859 appeared Darwin's Origin of Species. Thermodynamics, Accounting, Electromagnetism were new and explosive studies. Nationalism, Imperialism, Political Realism, and the Corporation were new institutions--or new forms of old institutions--drawing energy and materialistic bias from the new studies. Political Europe--and European culture--expanded in scope and speed and fragmented both internally and externally because it was not able to maintain unity in the interests of its new intensities. Industry was stronger than the family; interest was stronger than doctrine; the inevitable that could not be controlle

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