Fall 1950 • Vol. XII No. 4 Book Reviews |

Novels of the Nebulous Self

The Sheltering Sky by Paul Boules, New Directions, $2.75. A Long Day's Dying by Frederick Buechner, Knopf, $3.00. Face of a Hero by Louis Falstein, Harcourt, $3.00. The Short Cut by Ennio Flaiano, Pellegrini and Cudahy, $3.00. The House of Breath by William, Goyen, Random House, $3.00. Night Journey by Albert Guerard, Knopf, $3.00. The Wall by John Hersey, Knopf, $4.00. The Far Cry by Emma Smith, Random House, $3.00. A Woman of Means by Peter Taylor, Harcourt, $2.75. It is a long way from Hersey's primitive chronicle to Buechner's involuted symbolism. No obvious connection unites Bowles's enthusiastic existentialism and the familiar values of Emma Smith. Yet below their differences of style and subject these four novels, like the other five here listed, have a single concern―to raise with a new urgency the question what gives meaning now to living and dying. Bowles's man "had long since come to deny all purpose to the phenomenon of existence

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