Fall 1948 • Vol. X No. 4 Book Reviews |

The New Criticism

The Armed Vision by Stanley Edgar Hyman, Knopf, $5.00. The Hudson Review, Summer 1948, containing "A Burden for Critics" by R. P. Blackmur, and "The Imagery of Killing" by Kenneth Burke, $1.00.   Stanley Hyman's book does a very good job of reporting, and on a fairly minute scale, for there must be upwards of 200,000 words in it; the thing reported being the whole main course of the so-called "new criticism," critic by critic, since its beginnings more than 25 years ago. Certain reviewers whom I have noticed have taken the book in this sense with such perfect satisfaction that they have gone almost at once to uttering some urgent interest of their own, not in Mr. Hyman, but in the writers or writings he has surveyed. I am going to do the same thing. By indirection at least I shall be paying the same compliment to his efficiency. In the new criticism many books are listed by now, and the list grows as fast as ever, so that "new" must come into question presently in i

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