Fall 1945 • Vol. VII No. 4 Book ReviewsOctober 1, 1945 |

Brief Comment: Memories and Opinions

Memories and Opinions by Q. Macmillan. $1.50. It seems unlikely that the unfinished memories and opinions of the late Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch will do their author more than a slight service. The memories combine to a highly sentimentalized account of his early life, and run not much beyond his undergraduate days at Oxford. In fact, they stop just where we might most like them to begin---but through no fault of his. In themselves they are innocent enough, but they are forced by their author into the awkward position of being sufficiently important to be recalled and at the same time trivial enough to be contemned. This occasions Quiller-Couch an embarrassment, but no greater, I would suppose, that that of some other literary people who have been pressed by their publishers for some reminiscences. The opinions are no better than we might expect. I am recalling now one or two of the critical essays and the anthologies. Even so, one was not quite prepared for such naiveties as t

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