Autumn 1942 • Vol. IV No. 3 Book ReviewsOctober 1, 1942 |

From Prometheus to Maitreya

Paths of Life: Preface to a World Religion by Charles Morris. Harpers. $3.00   This book comes as a surprise. Mr. Morris has never denied the importance of religion. But there is a difference between allowing religion a place in the rational life and writing a preface to a new religion: the difference between a humane philosopher and a John the Baptist. The comparison with John is more than a mere literary conceit, for Mr. Morris actually announces the advent of Maitreya, the "future Enlightened One, the Friend, whose coming was predicted by Gautama Buddha,” and the arrival of a "new epoch in human history, the Maitreyan epoch." These, you will no doubt say, are large claims, and you will want to know not only what the new epoch will be like, but what grounds Mr. Morris has for his prophecy. The various types of personality which historical religions have set up as ideals have not been many, and Mr. Morris examines six of these: the Buddhist, committed to the path of de

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