Autumn 1939 • Vol. I No. 4 NonfictionOctober 1, 1939 |

Foreign Periodicals

The European thought and creative effort of the nineteen-twenties was brought to a focus in three periodicals—The Criterion, Die Neue Rundschau, and Nouvelle Revue Française. Of these, only the NRF continues to play its traditional part, and even it has not wholly escaped the general enfeeblement brought about by prolonged political and economic crisis. For a number of years after Hitler came into power, the Neue Rundschau bravely tried to accommodate itself to Gleichschaltung and at the same time to maintain standards, by avoiding tabooed subjects, retreating more and more into discussions of safely dead writers whose Aryanism was not suspect; recent issues show that it has been firmly harnessed to the wheel of propaganda. In any case its function was assumed two years ago by the exiles’ publication, Mass und Wert, founded by the Manns and published in Zurich, which continues to keep German from becoming a dead language. In his valedictory editorial, Mr. Eliot suggested tha

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