Nov/Dec 2016 • Vol. XXXVIII No. 6 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize |


Runner-up 2016 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers I have a sore spot on each side of my head where our eyes used to be when we were fish. Like sandstone we rolled back        and forth with the        water, but you were        a reluctant                        igneous traveler. Tell me the distance from the        trough of this wave to the        next in the second        before        it breaks. Draw me        a curve to mimic the arch of your        cuticles. I hold my hand up        close to your face                    and you watch as, imperceptibly        it shakes. A single molecule out              of place. The key sticks and all that's left         left for you is a line of e's. You hit the space       bar but there's no room for                       breath. Not here or th

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Annalise Lozier is a student at Interlochen Arts Academy where she is studying creative writing. She is a Foyle Young Poet of the Year and has been published in Jackalope Magazine and Adroit Journal.

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