Nov/Dec 2021 • Vol. XLIII No. 6 Poetry |


This guy, my friend, wanted me to make love to his wife on the mattress. He wanted to watch. I said, I’m not getting involved in some freaky shit. I said, That’s not my style. He said he’d give me a hundred dollars to watch. I said, No way, I just want to get high. We were all getting high on the mattress. That’s what we were doing, getting high. I said, I’m not getting caught up in some threesome shit. I’m not horny right now. I can’t even get an erection. He said, Don’t worry about that. He said, You like my wife? You think she’s a pretty woman? I said, Sure, I think she’s a good-looking woman, but it says right there in the Bible you’re not supposed to sleep with another man’s wife. I said no. He said, This is the jungle. He said, I could kill you right now with my bare hands and no one would put me in jail. He took out a knife. He put the knife in my hand and told me to rape his wife. I said no way. I said they would find him eventually. He s

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