May/June 2018 • Vol. XL No. 3 Nature's (Human) Nature |


it's so polluted  so more and more polluted and hot  Remember the year 2006 it was in the '70s at my birthday in November  we saw a flock of parakeets like green pigeons in a tree in Brooklyn there was a botanica in that neighborhood I wondered if you could buy a goat there to sacrifice a fantasy of propitiation to the Yoruba pantheon there are no gods there are no people the words are lies if we called the gods people and the people gods … would we act like adults would we not stab the mammal to see if it bled  I once saw a guy who'd just been knifed on the corner of First and Ninth I was a block away he was bleeding I heard sirens then I can't remember  the washing machine the lavage it's clean and I don't know if he lived that was earlier when I used to know how to remember I am holding you together  I am like Legba and I understand crossroads as every moment I was living in Paris but traveled often to New York at the corner of France and US who

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Alice Notley’s latest books are Songs and Stories of the Ghouls; Culture of One; and Reason and Other Women. She lives and writes in Paris.

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