Mar/Apr 2017 • Vol. XXXIX No. 2 PoetryMarch 1, 2017 |

Old Girl

Old Girl Old Girl eyes draw me on first sight Pulling me close into her presenceI know Old Girl I seen her before My Aunty My Nanna My Cousin Her eyes have seen much The sadness and pain Wrapped tightly within theColoniser's cruel practices Yet Old Girl stands firm Strong presence despite inside turmoil Pushed deep into a placeWhere no one can use Enough has been done already To her, her people and her countryMoving forward in life with Affection respect and loyalty From those who value herOld Girl is missed When those who have a needFor her comfort security laughter Wisdom guidance or just For being Old Girl in sightHer place has not been shifted Her place has just taken a detour Even if the country around her has She was there for them little ones Even though she may have lost her ownWhen they cried for mummy and daddy Old Girl gave them the strength to moveForward into the unknown life awaiting Her smile and mischievousness Delights the young ones and othersFor the harshness of t

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