Mar/Apr 2019 • Vol. XLI No. 2 FictionMarch 2, 2019 |

Charles Guiteau, Who Will Hang for the Assassination of President Garfield in 1882, Has Trouble Connecting with Women at Oneida, John Humphrey Noyes’s Free Love Commune, in 1866

In the eyes of Yahweh there is no male or female. But I am not Yahweh. And I do not possess the eyes of Yahweh. Rather, I possess my own eyes. And my own eyes are differentiators and discerners. There are three women here at Oneida whom I discern particularly. I particularly discern Dorcas Findley above the neck. Particularly her lips. And I particularly discern Claudia Hatfield below the neck. Particularly her bosoms. And I particularly discern Florence Snyder. I particularly discern Florence Snyder when, unbeknownst to her, I am high in the branches of a tree, and her bloomers are around her ankles, and she is relieving herself in a patch of foxglove. When I asked Dorcas Findley for a meeting, I had been in Oneida for only a week. And I had not opened my mouth other than to eat. And to discuss with Mr. Noyes the pilfering of my shoes. And to yawn. This might explain why Dorcas appeared startled when I spoke to her in the garden. Where she was reading a book. Also that I approach

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