July/Aug 2019 • Vol. XLI No. 4 Poetry |

Notes from the Gallery of Evolution

The image of the Dodo in the Western world is a constant caricature. . . . The wild bird no doubt had little to do with the image that has been passed down to us.  — Infographic at the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution The history of an image is wicker, well ventilated, lapping at the stool and flotational until encased, transparent, mated with alarm system. To look remains first person. Unclassified, to be determined. I have come as vocabulary. I will report back what I was told. The beast picked apart was an intention toward peace. I did not press my nose to the glass. Dimmed lamps, entry fee, formaldehyde bra, this being the maintenance. Dutch East India Company larger than a swan, body of an ostrich, changed his mind renamed closer to the vultures DNA analysis bones in the Dream Pond confirmed confirmed THE BIRD COULD NOT WOULD NOT FLY AWAY

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