July/Aug 2019 • Vol. XLI No. 4 FictionJuly 1, 2019 |

After Anthropology

A day before they went to Matt’s father’s house in Sioux Falls, Raj cheated on Matt with one of his colleagues. It was nothing more than a fleeting incident. But he thought it was important to tell Matt. He didn’t cheat on Matt just to confess, but once Raj had decided to ask for a break in the relationship, he was filled with guilt and a strange sense of relief. So after Matt returned home that night from work, Raj opened the door and looked at his eyes pleadingly, with deep breaths. “I got a blowjob today,” Raj said, after Matt changed, took a shower, and came to the kitchen to drink water. Matt was looking so bright and fresh. His hair was still wet. He didn’t choke on the bottle of water, like you see in television soaps. He stopped drinking, placed the bottle on the kitchen counter and said, “What the — ?” “Yes,” Raj said, turning his back to him, his heart beating fast. Matt sat down on the couch and switched on the television. He sat near Raj, t

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