Summer 2013 • Vol. XXXV No. 3 PoetryJuly 1, 2013 |

Who Taketh Away

Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, have mercy on us … They used to say why in the middle of a sentence, caesural, interruptive with wonder, like: When I was a young man, why, I felt pretty happy. The Why took its place at the crux. Like the zero that always severs the positive and negative integers, like Moses at the Red Sea, astride what he sunders.   ▪ ▪ Right smack in the middle, my student said of the genitalia on Roman nudes: You're trying to enjoy a masterpiece, and there it always is, right smack in the middle, completely spoiling the view.   ▪ ▪ Out of the ordinary something keeps breaking loose, like the "soul parts" the shamanist's pamphlet assures me have gone missing, rent off by loss, or grief, or trauma, like the leg of an amoeba. "When a soul part leaves it can't come back on its own," but needs professional intervention: ALL SOUL PARTS RETURNED goes the guarantee. Once a

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