Summer 2013 • Vol. XXXV No. 3 Poetry |


jammed my airspace w/ an podcast & to-do list Deborah lent me this pen better make use of turn off it filled up inside dear friends [swipe again] invite me to Brooklyn [swipe again] I briefly [GO] hate them am rush rush & rushing headphones never let me airways I run & the running [GPS: average time] [activity started] [GPS: per mile] then a snow- storm no school I cried & said Mayor Bloomberg should be scalded with hot cocoa when someone said yay for snow I'm cutting it too close, Erin, if a blizzard makes me [too slow swipe again] cry I used to [activity started] long for snow that quiet filling everything up what is time for anyway? Jeremy says It's funny how [Too Slow] [same turnstile] 'work' in your poems is a metaphor for [Go] [Go] [Go] [Go] [Go] 'free time' [same turnstile] 'free time' what's that? is it NY? What are you talking about? asks Erin, Seriously what are you talking about? [1 X-fer] [total time] [average time] [GO GO GO GO] crammed in th

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